Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three for Three

Over the past year Jennifer and I have become rather close friends. For months we've been discovering more and more things we have in common. Today was no exception. Hilary can back us up on this Twilight Zone like commonality since she was there to witness it: Sam was hungry while we were at the splash pad so I pulled out a whole wheat sandwich and a banana to feed him. Kieran spied Sam's lunch and wandered over to investigate. He decided he was hungry too so his mom pulled out what she had packed for lunch- can you guess? Yep, a whole wheat sandwich and a banana. Wait. It gets better! The boys spend ten minutes munching away on their food. Sam let me know he was still hungry so I pulled out a fruit leather for him. (This is where it gets really crazy.) Not only did the third item she'd brought for Kieran turn out to be a fruit leather, it was the SAME brand and the SAME flavor. What are the chances?!


  1. That is uncanny. Yeah fruit leather! I just picked up a big box of it at costco last week and my 2 year old chows it down. Good stuff, and much better for you than a fruit roll up I think.

  2. Yeah, I got goosebumps reading this post just now! (hadn't been on your blog since yesterday, I guess) That was totally crazy! Yet, still not completely surprising. I love that we think alike! Down to the flavor and brand of fruit leather we pack for our boys at the Splash Pad! Love it! (Sorry no e-mail lately...guess I've been too busy/tired/lazy.)


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