Thursday, September 13, 2007

I wonder why... seat manufacturers don't put a label on the handles of their infant car seats warning moms and dads that it isn't safe to keep the handle up while riding in a vehicle? For the five hundredth time I saw a mom driving along that way. How much trouble would it be to make sure everyone caught that important safety fact - that a handle crushed in a car seat (and crushed it would be - they are not strong enough to provide extra protection to the child) becomes an sharp object in a direct line to the precious cargo?


  1. I agree. We wouldn't have known that if it wasn't for our baby class we went to when we were pregnant with Avery.

  2. I am sad too when I see children in the wrong type of car seat or a car seat installed incorrectly. As a car seat safety nut, let me try to humbly claim that it actually it is safe to leave the infant car seat handle up on some models. But most infant seats made before 2003 must have the handle down. It really depends on the model. I just checked a car seat safety board on handle positions: "Britax Companion, Embrace - must be DOWN, Centre- must be UP, Graco SafeSeat, Graco Snugride, Chicco Keyfit - can be up or down (but not in between).

  3. Phew! Good to know Yvette. The car seat course I took only said it wasn't safe for the handle to be up at all. Thanks for the more current information. That was sweet of you to look it up. :)


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