Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How rude.

Ten minutes before a showing today the agent called to say they changed their mind and they weren't coming. I am fuming! I couldn't help but let her know what I went through to make this possible today. Her pathetic attempt at apologizing didn't make a dent in my anger. Watching four kids and getting the house "show ready" is no easy task. To add to my frustration, it's only Wednesday so we have no hope of keeping the house show ready until the weekend. We'll have to do it all over again on Friday night. I guess I should go get the dog out of the kennel. Poor baby's been in there since I vacuumed before naps.


  1. How rude is right!! You poor thing. I could cry for you if it would help?

  2. Really, I can't imagine cleaning up a home in the midst of caring for 4 little ones. What work that must have been!


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