Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The fabulous foursome

We draw quite a bit of attention when I take ALL the kids out in public, but having MSC (Jennifer's term for Many Small Children) has it's advantages too. Not only is there more hugs and kisses to go around, the older ones help out with the babies. Julia and Grant loved being pushed on the swings by Sam and Bea.

Both girls spend quite a bit of time climbing on this chair my Grandma made for me when I was a kid. They both squeeze their little bums on it. They are becoming the best of friends.


  1. That's so sweet. I know it's challenging with that many kids to care for, but you do a great job and it was nice to see and hear about the positives of having MSC!!

  2. I am in awe--speechless actually. You are a rockstar!


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