Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We should have just stayed home

I thought of Yvette yesterday as I put my children in one of those kiddie shopping carts. I had visions of happy children honking their way through the aisle as I plucked food from the shelves. Yeah....dream on! First Sam started crawling out so he could push the cart, then after I convinced him that he had to stay inside the moving vehicle, Julia started biting him. Oh brother! I was one of those moms that EVERYONE is staring at. Not fun. The whole point of going into the store was to grab a quick and healthy lunch. I left with two hungry kids who didn't like the sandwich I bought. Oh and I forgot to mention that Sam kept hollering "we need to BASH something mom!!!" as I hustled our big rig to the check out. I have his father to thank for that one.

This photo is of a different time Julia decided to test out her teeth's strength. I guess it's payback time. Funny how Sam hasn't bit Julia one since he's learned how much it hurts. (She just cut her 8th tooth over the weekend.)


  1. Hi there!! How have you been? It's been awhile since I've been around...Just wanted to let you know I did vote for Julia tonight...she's so beautiful..i hope she wins!!! Good Luck!:)

  2. Ouch! Sorry about your shopping outing:( VERY well written post, though! I am sure I have never, ever "plucked" an item off the shelf at a grocery store with two kids with me. But if I ever have the chance to grocery shop by myself, boy am I fast. "Supermarket Sweep" ain't got nothin' on kid-free-me when I'm shopping.

  3. Wow, Julia can bite! Poor boy. Oh, I still laugh over those big rig kiddie shopping cart things. People stare at you regardless if your kids are behaving because of all the might it takes to steer them. Isn't it amazing how quickly one can shop when one has no small children with her?


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