Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sam's bedtime prayer

Me: What do you want to thank Jesus for tonight Sam?
Me again, trying to prompt him: For food, your toys....
Sam: for Daddy, for you...
Brian: how about Julia?
Sam: and Taren and Tullen and Taren's mommy....

Yes, Sam, I thank Jesus for them too!!!

Note: Until this evening Sam's prayer had always gone like this:
Me: Sam what do you want to say to Jesus tonight?
Sam: Sorry Jesus

(I think this comes from his Bible story about Jonah and how at first Jonah didn't go where God told him too, but then he said sorry and followed God's command.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, and we thank God for you, too, Sam! (Isaac calls Kieran "Tieran" and Cullen "Tollen" so Sam is in good company. I love it!!)

    And speaking of thinking of your friends, the other day Kieran and I were talking about what it meant to be a "friend." I asked him, "Kieran, who are your friends?" to see what he would say. He promptly responded, "Sam! And Claire!"


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