Saturday, August 4, 2007

My sister's wedding day

Congratulations Katie and Brandon!

We're so happy for you!

As if my sister getting married wasn't enough, I also spend a big portion of the day assisting Jennifer who was photographing her very first wedding.

I had the best job - the freedom to be creative without the pressure of being the photographer.
We made a really good team and squealed like schoolgirls when we saw this amazing shot she took of the bridal party.

The happy couple were too gorgeous to not snap at least one picture for myself.


  1. still can't believe you had 2 weddings yesterday! and THANK YOU for your amazing help at "my" wedding and it was fun to see photos of "yours."

  2. Jennifer did an amazing job, and I can only imagine how fun it was for you to be a part of it!

    You sister looks so old is she?

    2 wedding in one!

  3. It seems like only a few years have gone by since Katie was watching us play basketball sitting on my Dad's lap. I'll be sure and tell my Mom & Dad that she got married over the weekend. Please tell her congratulations from me.

  4. Yes Heather it does seem like it wasn't that long ago that Katie was crawling up on your dad's lap. Hard to believe she's 22 and MARRIED!!


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