Monday, August 13, 2007

My Little Buckaroo

Sam experienced Vacation Bible School for the first time this evening at the Circle of Friends Ranch. I got a little choked up as I pinned his sheriff's badge on and tied his bandanna around his neck. My baby is growing up! Our church doesn't have a Sunday school program (Sam and Julia make up 2/3 of the kids in the entire congregation) so the opportunity to witness Sam participating in Christ centered education is very special to me. He was by far the youngest buckaroo and once he got over his fear of the puppets he joined right in with the other kids. Carson, Ethan, and Anna were sweet kids. I pray that tomorrows group of buckaroo's are just as enthusiastic and cooperative for my ranch hands. Oh and I should also mention that I lost my voice as of this morning - that didn't stop me from running the Trading Post though.


  1. ahh!!! sooooo cute!!! (and fun about the 2/3 bit!!)

  2. The western theme is a wonderful idea. My 2 year old would have loved that too.


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