Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - My sisters

Happy 21st birthday Katie! (She's the one on the left.)


  1. Love the mud picture! I'm sure your sisters will love that one:)

    About your little one still in an infant car seat? We used that for Griffin to sleep in and it worked out great. Saves space and he liked feeling secure. He also wasn't rolled on by his big brother:)

  2. Haa haah, hhhaaaa haaaa, haaaaa heaaa, heeeee haaw. Sorry. Laughing at the idea of your "little one" still being in an infant carseat. No offense at all to Amy, who undoubtedly has not seen said "little one." Though having a little one (who actually is still little) sleep in a carseat while camping is not a half bad idea at all. Julia could rest her head in an infant seat. Or eat one for dinner--if it were organic. Or put her toys inside it. Or fill it with water and use it to soak her feet. But, no, she can no longer sit her adorable body IN an infant carseat:) So, you press forward towards other ways for Julia to sleep in the tent, huh? Good luck!


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