Friday, July 6, 2007

We did something Friday night we haven't done in 9 months. Brian and I took Sam out and left Julia home with Grandma Pauly. We've been pretty good about Sam getting one-on-one time with Mommy or Daddy, but it's been 9 months since we've been out just the three of us. Sam wasn't sure what to do with both of us along on an outing.

We (Ok, mostly Daddy, Alan, and Julie) sold 34 floats in 2 hours. I was a bit nervous about how Sam was going to behave while we were working, but since it was at 10am the morning of the fundraiser that I remembered that Brian had signed us up to help, I didn't want to leave our last minute sitter (thank you Rena) with two children to put to bed.

We could hear the music from the church and even though Sam was already in is PJ's, we couldn't resist walking over there when the band played Old MacDonald for the kiddos.
The next song they did was the limbo. Now Sam has never heard this song before, but he's always been one to keep up with the other kids so off he scampered to join in the fun.
He got many a laughs from the crowd and the guy with the mike asked for his name at one point so he could talk about him. I thought for sure Sam was going to just step over the mike stand when they guy lowered it too far to go under, but oh no, he ducked his head and waddled under. He was so careful that he was well past the bar before he stood up. That's my boy! (Mommy is always telling him to be careful not to hit his head.)

The funniest part was when they had the hula hoop contest. Sam streeeetched his arms as far as he could reach to get a hold of both sides, hung on for dear life, and then spun in circles. He had the crowd roaring it was so hysterical.

Weeeee! Look at me go!!!!!!!!!

The face of a happy little boy.

He got to spend the evening with his mommy and daddy, he ate ice cream, spun in circles, and got to stay up 2 hours past his bedtime.

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