Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm not here....

because I'm here....

Family cabin up north

Doing some of this:

My grandpa bought this boat in 1988 when he retired - it still looks brand new because it's so well taken care of.

and lots of this:

Sam, swimming with his second cousins, Elsie and Porter two summers ago

My mom and I thirty years ago.

Hopefully some of this:

tubing sometime during my college years

and this:

Elsie making s'mores when Brian and I took her and her brother to the lake while their parents were in DC.

Maybe some of this:

My mom (right) and her sister, Lori feeding the geese 15 years ago.

and some of this:

A favorite activity from my childhood - jumping off the pontoon with my cousin Kristina.

Most definitely NOT this:

I really don't care for water skiing and as you can see, I'm not very good.

Or this:

One year, when out with my mom and Kristina the motor died so we had to row all the way back to the cabin. We were NOT happy campers.

and if I can all help it, not this:

I hate touching fish. In fact I don't know what possessed me to even try taking the hook out.

I have NO idea how I'm going to get the kids to nap during the day in a tent or get them to sleep at night. We could use some prayers in that department! Otherwise I'm looking forward to creating new memories at "The Lake" as our family calls the cabin my grandparents bought on Big Sandy Lake when my mom was in high school.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a FUN post! Super job with all those old memories! Can't wait to see what new memories you guys create while you're there. We'll miss you while you're gone! Sleep well!

  2. I love the storytelling with pictures in your post and seeing older pictures mixed in. I hope it goes well!


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