Friday, July 20, 2007

"Camping" by the numbers

15 - the number of minutes it took me to put up our big tent by myself (Brian isn't going to be there next weekend so I need to be able to manage the tent on my own.)

8 - the number of books that Sam brought in the tent to read before bed

2 - the number of times I read each of those stories

3 - the number of times Brian got pummeled by Sam because of bouncing on the bed during story time

1,000 - the number of times Sam jumped on the air mattress I had for us to sleep on

2 - the number of trips I made into the house to get more stuff (toilet paper, pack-n-play)

4 - the number of times I put Sam in the pack-n-play because he wouldn't settle down

3- the number of hours it took for Sam to fall asleep (ended up in the pack-n-play)

4 - the number of hours of sleep we got before Sam woke up and begged to go in the house
2:45 - the numbers on the clock when I crawled into my own bed
5:00 - the numbers on that same clock when Julia woke up

Despite the trouble getting Sam to sleep (I can't blame him, it was really bright out until after nine), we did have fun camping in the backyard. I learned a few things that will be helpful for next weekend.
1) Put Sam in the pack-n-play right after stories
2) Have both kids wear sleep sacks for warmth
3) Put the tent in a place as far away from activity as possible because of noise (the neighborhood kids were up well past nine last night)
4) Wear them out during the day so they colapse into bed at the end of the day
5) Bring LOTS of books so I don't have to read each book 4-5 times in one weekend
6) Make the best of it - I don't think I'll be getting much sleep since I didn't even have Julia in the tent with me! (no trial run for her tonight - I'm way too tired)


  1. I'm tired just reading about your night. Whew! But good for you! Next weekend will be exhausting...but fun!!!

  2. I agree with Jennifer! What a not-so-fun night! You sure were smart to have a trial run though!


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