Monday, July 23, 2007

Beach Bums

I wouldn't consider my life to be over-scheduled. Busy, yes, but that's the way I like it. I've never been good at just lounging around the house. (Just ask my husband who works outside 40 hours a week and would love nothing more than one day week to plop on the couch for a few hours.) We go go go a lot and I have over 200 blog entries to attest to that fact. Summers have been known to fly by in the blink of an eye and I'm wondering if that is a good thing. There is a never-ending supply of fun things to do with kids in the Twin Cities, but do I need to take my kids to as many as possible? Am I harming them in anyway by not letting them get bored and figure out ways to entertain themselves? Sam still has fun putting rocks in a bucket and lining up toys so I know he's not completely ruined....yet. I like to go places, see the world through my kid's eyes, and create memories and traditions for us to do year after year. These are things I like to do, but are they good for the kids? Who knows, it's just something I'm becoming more aware of as another summer month draws to a close.

These are some pictures from area beaches we cooled off at over the weekend.

Apparently Lake Ann was the place to be on Saturday. This is a list of what we saw in a matter of minutes while eating our lunch:
1) low flying helicopter
2) scuba divers
3) propeller plane
4) 3 jet planes
5) canoe
6) paddle boat
7) fishing boat
8) loon
9) schools and schools of sunfish


  1. I'm a go go go mom, too, so I don't know if I am a good person to tell you to take it more easy...but I find that you do have a great balance. There are certainly times when your kids have a chance to be "bored" and learn to entertain themselves. Too much of that wouldn't even be good for them, so off you go! That's how I like it as well. I like the pink letters on this post!! Intentional? Must have been...

  2. I'm the opposite of you and Jennifer with the go go go-ness. I actually enjoy days at home! I agree with Jennifer seem to have a great balance of the two! Your kids would let you know, one way or another, if they were to "busy"!

  3. That is the cutest picture of the two of them in the pink hat and blue hats. : )

    I know what you mean about the go go go Mom. Although working takes a lot out of me it seems like when I'm home we're still always doing something whether it's athletics or 4-H. However, I agree, it's good to be busy I wouldn't have it any other way.


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