Thursday, June 28, 2007

WARNING! Crazy driver on the loose!!

Protect your heels!

Here he's standing still, but only because I bribed him with the promise of a cookie.

Thanks Meat Man! This ham will make my Samitch yummy!

Is it worth it to chase and bribe my way through the grocery store when he's having so much fun? Yes, but it's REALLY hard when I'm trying to pay for the stuff and Sam is putting his cart away (out of my sight and right next to the automatic opener exit door) and then helps himself to the little cups of water that no two year old should be allowed to dispense.

We finally upgraded our cell phones and our new ones have camera phones. Oh joy! The photo opportunities are truly endless now!


  1. Kieran helps himself to those very "conveniently" placed water cups, too. And then I caught him once trying to put one back away with the other clean ones after he'd drank water out of it! My good little helper:)

  2. don't you just "LOVE" those little shopping carts. I absolutely can not shop anymore with out BOTH of my children pushing them like maniacs through the store. Maybe that is why, now, I do most of my shopping at night.....


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