Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 recent happening in the Pauly household:

1. Julia can get into a sitting position by herself.
2. Her 6th tooth popped through this morning.
3. Sam ate his first strawberry from his garden.
4. He is now consistently telling us when he needs to sit on the potty. On vacation of all places he started staying dry all day.
5. and it only got better -
He did his first #2 on the potty in Denver. Today he's told me three times that he needed to go. Maybe that's my cue to lay off the fruit for a bit.
Our Christmas tree is FINALLY out of our front yard. (How pathetic is that?)
Our luggage arrived from Denver so....
Let the laundry begin (it wasn't lost - just riding home in the van with Brian's parents)
Julia had her first taste of Brewer's Yeast and cherries (yes, I know I'm not suppose to do more than one thing every four days, but sometimes I get too impatient)
Julia is starting to put her butt up in the air and rocking back and forth - she's sooo close to crawling!
We tried out (with success) our new Aroma Turbo Oven that we plan to use instead of the microwave.
I, by chance, figured out the video function on my digital camera - at least how to get 18 second video clips.
I scored big time at my Aunt's Garage sale. (117 Name brand dresses, outfits, Columbia snowsuit, sweaters, and shirts combined to be worth over $3000 new)

1 comment:

  1. I love SCORING on rummage sale finds! Great job!

    Go Julia....crawl crawl crawl!!!!


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