Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (sorry for my tardiness)

Thirteen things I've been doing instead of blogging lately. Has it only been three days since my last post? It seems much longer. I miss it, but as you can see, getting things accomplished feels good too.

1. I brushed the dog for only the second time in two months.
2. I cooked and froze 4 new foods for Julia (rutabaga, peaches, papaya, green beans)
3. Brian and I have become more faithful about doing a daily devotional time together
4. Sam and I have been reading more books - I didn't think that was even possible
5. We played at 3 new parks
6. I watched Julia creeping around the living room by pushing with her toes.
7. I backed up 1000 pictures onto CDs and filed them in my safe
8. I (with help from Brian and my mom) moved my grandpa's desk, a china cabinet, an entertainment center, and a large stereo out of my mom's basement and into my garage.
9. I talked to my college roommate, Sarah, and two high school friends on the phone.
10. I made multiple lists of all the things we'll need for our trip
11. I gathered some of the things from those lists
12. I watched most of a movie with my husband (National Lampoon's Vacation - that had stopped taping before it was over)
13. I didn't have to wonder where so many hours disappeared when I only meant to sit down and check my email and a blog or two.

1 comment:

  1. Fun list! I have missed you in bloggie world! This week I'll be absent as I get to go see JENNIFER! YIPPIE!!!!


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