Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching up

Not blogging during the day has put me behind in my posts. In an effort to catch up quickly I'm going to lump our weekend together rather than break stuff up. I also still have two more days in Denver to write about when I can find the time. You can read about why I'm not blogging as much in the comments of this post. I am also busy cleaning out our house. The clutter is overtaking our home and with some "new" furniture coming in it's a good time to purge of extra things to make room for the upgrades. We have already switched out the entertainment center and my desk. Now I get to blog from my Grandfather's desk. It's huge and for the moment not littered with papers. The only reason it isn't buried under eight inches of clutter is that the stuff from my old desk is "neatly" sorted into various grocery bags scattered around the house. I'm definitely in the stage where I'm making more of a mess before I make any noticeable progress.

While we were moving furniture we put Sam in the pack-n-play. From the garage I could a distinct noise coming from the living room directly above us. Sure enough, Sam wasn't coloring on the easel where he discovered the crayon. No, he was coloring all over our wall.

The while we were rearranging furniture in the living room to accommodate our "new" entertainment center Sam managed to hit Julia in the eye with the corner of a Lego mat.
It was time to get out of the house for a bit (and let Daddy clean up) so we packed up and went to the splash pad.

Julia thought it was pretty fun to splash and wash out her wound.

Sam's sun hat got lost during our vacation so he had to borrow mine. It looks like it'll be a while before it's practical for him to wear it regularly.

Saturday I went to my cousin's house for their garage sale. I used to drive there everyday as their nanny so it's always surreal to make that drive now. I cannot believe how big the kids are getting! Elsie and Porter were newborns when I started watching them and now Elsie is 7 and Porter is 4. Elsie's lemonade stand was a big hit with Sam.

Cool Slideshows!

I swear Julia is changing every day. I just can't get enough of her!

Getting a nice picture of the kids with Brian was a challenge. It seems I wasn't the only one with kids who didn't want to cooperate. Jennisa's girls were just as squirmy in her Father's Day post.

Brian's favorite out-to-eat-food is Buffalo Wild Wings. Unfortunately until October when Minnesota's smoking ban goes into effect, the kids and I can't join him there. I think he was happy to get away for an hour or so though on Father's Day. He stopped and got me flowers on the way home. Thanks Sweetie!


  1. What a nice post! There is always a lot going on at the Pauley house! So sorry Julia got an owie!

    I see your kids, just as mine, are getting tired of "okay kids...picture time!" :D

    And, WHERE IS JENNIFER? I am just dying, and stalking her blog waiting to hear about her ultrasound!

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