Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

**We try really hard to only spend $100 week on groceries and most weeks I do just fine. Unfortunately I spent two weeks worth of our budget on one trip to the natural food store 2 weeks ago. To get back on track we dug in the freezer and only bought the little things to complete the meals. I managed to only spend $20 last week and still have 6 dinners on the table. There was no way we were going to make it another week so.....

Here are thirteen things that I went to Target at 8:30 last night to get:

1. toothbrush for Julia
2. saline drops for Julia's cold
3. blender - burned the motor out on my old one
4. bread - discovered mold on what remained of the loaf we had at home
5. milk
6. dinner - for me (Yummy sandwich from the deli that I finally ate at 9pm. I justify this splurge because I'm breastfeeding and need to keep up my milk supply)
7. card - for my friend Tasha who lost her mother right before Mother's Day in a car accident three years ago
8. Sam's yogurt - Stoneyfield Yo-kids (the orange kind that he calls "diffrent orange yuke"
9. organic kiwi
10. organic apples
11. organic bananas
12. organic carrots
13. smoothies - also made by Stoneyfield (for Sam)

Did I make it out of the store with only the things on my list? Of course not! I also picked up a Mother's Day gift for my mom, sunglasses for Sam, ice cream, granola bars, custard cups with lids (in preparation for our trip to Denver in 3 weeks)

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