Friday, May 11, 2007

The Tale of the Turtle

Once there was a boy named Sam who was excited to see his Grandpa one day.
When Grandpa arrived, he was not alone -he had brought along a friend to play.
At first Sam wasn't too sure he wanted to
even step out on the deck.
That thing in the bucket had wiggly arms
and a funny looking neck.
Before long Sam had decided to be brave and
reach out his hand.
For a skiddish Mom, this was about all she could stand.
The turtle kept his head tucked in safe and sound.
And it's a good thing because Sam accidentally dropped it on the ground.
Yertle the Turtle as he is affectionately known
will soon be released in a lake to so he can make a new home.

The End. (until we find something else to investigate up close)

**It was so hard for me not to show my fear of the turtle! Not fear, per say, but I get really jumpy around things that flop or wiggle or jump unexpectedly - like the fish Sam almost stepped on yesterday in the water-filled hole they were trapped in down at the beach. We tried to "Free Willy" but the channel I dug in the sand wasn't successful and Sam kept hitting the fish with the stick as he tried to help me dig. Poor things had to stay stuck because I was too wimpy to pick up the little sunnies and return them to open water. I used to be such a tomboy! What happened to me?

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  1. Kieran had SUCH fun watching this picture trail over and over and over and over and asking me about it each time!

  2. Creative post! I use to always have turtles as pets when I was a kid. Justin and I have been looking up lots of turtle pictures online recently, can't wait to show him this post tomorrow.


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