Wednesday, May 9, 2007're it...again....

I've been tagged by Jennisa- this time about what my purse looks like and what's in it. Since I only own four (three of which are black) I think I'll pass on the photo. They're nothing special to look at anyway. One is collecting dust in my basement, another is in my bedroom (where Grant is currently sleeping), and the other two are buried under spring coats on my coat rack.
Can you tell I don't use a purse much? I basically carry my wallet in the diaper bag when I go out with the kids. If I remember when I'm out shopping by myself, I'll throw my wallet, cell phone, and keys in an Eagle Creek bag-type thing. It's gray and nylon - not at all stylish.
Maybe later I'll dig them out for a photo.....or maybe not...... I've got a cold and I'm too tired to get up right now.

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