Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sun hat..check....water bottle.....check.....kleenex...

I was thinking out loud today as I gathered the items we'd need for our time outdoors this morning when I said, "I think the only other thing we need is some kleenex."

Sam chiming in, said "and Gonk (Grant) and Julia."

Did he honestly think I'd forget the babies? I sure hope not, but I think it's sweet that he was thinking of someone other than himself. Empathy is a pretty big concept for a two year old.


  1. Soooo sweet. Hey, where did you buy your sun tent, speaking of such things??

  2. I got it at Babies R Us when Sam was a baby. They had a variety of options. I really like mine with the zippered bug screen and the SPF protection. It packs down pretty well too.


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