Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Success......for now

We are trying our hand at container gardening on our deck this year. I'm not very good at growing things. Mostly I just kill things really slowly. Sam has been faithfully watering his garden and we are excited to report that things are actually growing! There are two tiny green strawberries already! I worry that our containers aren't big enough, but we don't have a sunny corner of the yard and the bunnies would eat everything anyway. An added bonus of container gardening is skipping the weeding chore.

This is what we planted:
1 tomato
1 green pepper
4 broccoli
4 cauliflower
1 zucchini
3 strawberry
4 lettuce
1 pumpkin
1 onion

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  1. Great! I, too, tend to kill things. But I kill them very quickly:) I didn't even try with planting this year...I'm so glad you and Sam did!


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