Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Self Serve

Both my kids are taking care of themselves for the moment. The day will come when they don't need my help with anything so I'm not wishing that day to arrive too quickly. It is nice to not be needed every moment of every day. Sam is listening to a book on CD while he follows along in the new book I got for our trip to Denver. It's called "Usborne Farmyard Tales" and he loves it. It couldn't be more perfect. It is filled with endearing illistrations of Sam and Poppy who live on a farm. They have adventures with many things Sam is interested in - animals, tractors, and steam engines to name a few.

Julia is happily feeding herself in the high chair. She's munching on Oatios and hunks of banana and zucchini. My life is calm for the moment.....

Sam's fever went down almost 2 degrees last night so we didn't need to take him in. This morning when I took his temp again I couldn't even get it up to a normal temp. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last night this evening. Brian leaves for the Boundary Waters at 3am so we all need our sleep.


  1. Calm is good!

    I've written a post over at the Chicago Moms Blog and would love to have you comment there about the craziest/most unusual thing you've done while wearing baby in the sling!


  2. So glad Sam likes his new book and cd. Kieran is enjoying his "new" cd and intact Bible!

  3. The calm didn't last....It was more like the calm before the storm. Sam's fever returned and he ended up eating only 1/2 piece of peanut butter toast all day (until 2 pieces of pizza before bed) He read stories with Daddy most of the afternoon.

    Speaking of Daddy....he just left for the Boundary Waters. We sure are going to miss him!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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