Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peas and Paint

My stress level didn't rise with our messy painting experience this morning

or when Sam brought Julia all of her toys when I specifically told him to only bring her two.

Then there were the peas that I spent over $4.00 for and only have this tiny handful to show for it.

At least Sam got to help shell them.

and Julia did enjoy eating them.

It was when both babies were crying for lunch, I was changing Julia's diaper, the buzzer on the stove chose that moment to go off, and Sam was whining about who-knows-what, that I reached my boiling point. It didn't help one bit that the kids song CD was playing La Bamba or that I drew blood with the sharp edge of the diaper snappi. Thank God for nap time! (and ice cream)


  1. I really, really, really hate to laugh, but it's an understanding, empathetic kind of laughing. Glad you survived!!

  2. Yeah, can't see your photos either time I've looked either...

  3. NOW I can see them all...except the third one...the middle one...the one I'm assuming is a photo of peas? I can see all the others:)

  4. Yeah, the picture you can't see is of the peas I paid 20 CENTS each for.
    NOT worth trying to fix that. :)


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