Thursday, May 24, 2007

My little Houdini

Julia took a morning nap at 9:30. She slept about 2 hours. When she woke up she was content to play in her crib for what seemed like forever. Before I knew it an hour had passed. I could see her on the video monitor so I wasn't concerned. In fact, it's quite entertaining to watch her play with her paci and talk to herself. After another 20 minutes she fell back to sleep, or at least that's what I figured. She had slid out of the monitor's view. Her breathing was the only thing I could hear so I knew she was ok. (She had given me quite a scare the other night when I went up to readjust the monitor and I found her face down in the crib bumper. I don't know how it was possible for her to get any air, but she was.)

It's now almost 4 hours after I put her down for a nap. I went in to check on her after I laid Grant down and somehow she had untied the bumper in the corner. The tieback is nowhere to be found. It must be under her belly. I've got the monitor cranked as loud as it will go so the second she stirs I can get up there and take out that bumper. Forget how cute it is, it's just not worth it!


  1. OH my word, wait, so she's back to sleep!?!? Whoa. Yeah, I guess the bumper has got to go. I will have to lower Cullen's crib even lower soon, too...he's just getting too good at pulling up and, though I don't know how he'd manage it, I'm still afraid he'll launch himself out of bed while he's standing unless I lower the matress some more.

  2. She's finally awake now after spending 4 HOURS in her crib. So much for an afternoon nap!

    I remember going to get my cousins up from naps when they were babies and being shocked that first time they were standing in their cribs.
    Hopefully we have a ways to go before that happens in our house.

  3. That is a cute photo of her! I agree with Jennifer...I will have to lower the crib mattress soon too....I have already taken my bumper off. It doesn't look half as cute with out the pink flowers! :)


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