Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's finally sinking in

I've mentioned before that Sam didn't start talking until he turned two, and even then it wasn't very many words. We had him tested by two different agencies and they all said he was fine. Little by little he started using more words until one day his vocabulary exploded. What's so new to us lately is hearing him use phrases that he's never said before. It's almost like he's one of those kids who out of the blue started talking in sentences. Today as I was changing Sam's diaper before nap time, I was making conversation in an attempt to keep him distracted and avoid a battle.
Me: Sam will you help me put Grant night-night?
Sam: Of course!

Now I expected him to say yes, but I certainly didn't expect those words. I guess my baby boy is officially talking in sentences now.

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  1. awww, isn't it amazing the things our babies come up with? Yesterday Brandon was with my grandma for a few hours and I went to pick him up and I said,"Brandon, come give mommy a kiss,he said,"sorry mom but no!"LOL we laughed so hard.. I am actually a little worried about Brandon, he's 3 and he's talking up a storm but doesn't pronounce things right at all..i have had his hearing checked and they say he's fine but his older brother Ryan was talking very clearly by 2years old and Brandon just isn't. I think I am going to talk to his pedi about maybe some speech therapy to help him out a little???


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