Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Goodbye Yertle

A couple weeks ago Grandpa brought Sam a turtle. Sam named him Yertle and spent a day and a half watching him(when Mommy was there) and holding him. (when Daddy was there)

Soon it was time to return Yertle to the lake.

Yertle was very excited to find a new home. Normally when you pick up a turtle they tuck back into their shells. He was going to have none of that. His little legs were swimming in the air - he was that excited to be released. "Goodbye Yertle", said Sam.

Goodbye Yertle!
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Me: Where is Yertle going Sammy?
Sam: He's looking for a new home.

(Yesterday when we were approaching the beach Sam asked about Yertle and wondered if he'd found a new home. That kid doesn't forget a thing!)

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