Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sam: Daddy and Sam eat chock-lick
Me: Did you and Daddy have chocolate?
Sam: Yes. We sheard it. It's all gone.

Now wasn't that nice of Daddy to share the last granola bar with Sam while I was gone last night? Problem is, now I don't have any more chocolate in the house to bribe Sam with. I guess we'll be taking a break from potty training today. (Yes, I know probably isn't the best way to potty train a child, but it works for us.)


  1. Do what you have to do! We used skittles, but boy oh boy...if someone would give me chocolate each time I used the potty...I'd be in their ALL THE TIME! :)

  2. You're funny, Jennisa! Yeah, we used jelly beans, even though I know you aren't supposed to use food as a reward. But, it's only short-lived and you won't need to bribe him forever. So what did you bribe him with today? Actually, we switched to stickers after I started feeling guilty about the jelly bean thing. He perfers spider stickers:)

  3. Well, I don't mean he prefers spider stickers to jelly beans (certainly not!), I mean he prefers spider stickers to, say, flower stickers or dragonfly stickers.

  4. We actually do have trouble getting Sam to STOP sitting on the potty sometimes.
    After "making Brian out to be the bad guy" as he called it, I discovered that Sam wasn't correct in his statement about the chocolate being all gone . I was still able to use the chocolate bribe.(until I ate the last bar) He still gets stickers for #1. The chocolate is saved for #2.
    (haven't had to share any with him yet)


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