Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tis' the Season

Since I was too busy getting ready (and shopping) for the big garage sales over the weekend, I missed Thursday Thirteen this past week.

In honor of garage sale season - My Sunday Seventeen:

Seventeen reasons I love garage sales:

1. Buying Gap khakis for only 50 cents
2. Buying Ralph Lauren shirts and sweaters for 50 cents each
3. Buying Gymboree sweaters for 75 cents
4. Buying a Radio Flyer tricycle for $4
5. Buying a Columbia winter jacket and matching snow pants for $7
6. Bringing home "new" dump trucks for Sam to play with
7. Seeing what other people are getting rid of
8. See what other people think their stuff is worth
9. Selling our papasan chair - (a huge space waister)
10. Only posting one garage sale sign, but still having almost constant customers for 6 hours
11. Having second thoughts about selling a stereo (so I raised the price) and made even more $
12. Eating the brownies I made to sell
13. Spending the day outside when it's 70 and sunny
14. Buying ice cream from the ice cream truck when he drove by
15. Making more room in the kids rooms, the basement, and the garage
16. Making $276
17. Making enough money to be able to attend a family wedding in Denver (We had given up on being able to afford the trip until our successful sale)

1 comment:

  1. Your bargains make me jealous! WOW! Columbia snow suit for $7! That's amazing! Great finds! You should have taken pictures of all of your bargians! I for one would have liked to see them!


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