Friday, April 13, 2007

Sam's Half Birthday

Sam two years ago, celebrating his first half birthday.

He used a sippy cup for the first time that day.
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Here is Sam today, celebrating his 3rd half birthday.
We made half a cake and half a batch of cupcakes, went to half of school (we were late because the cake was still in the oven), and had a half birthday party.
It wasn't half bad. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)

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We love you Sammy Sam!!!


  1. What a lucky guy to have a 1/2 birthday! I've never done that with my girls, but I suppose since Avery has a July bday she will have her 1/2 bday for preschool next year!

    Happy 1/2 bday Sam!

  2. To put pictures side by side you have to pick "none" instead of right, left, or center in the photo uploading window. I always pick "none" and then in my post I move them right next to each other and as long as the pictures are not too big, they work just fine! Hope I explained it okay...good luck!

  3. I think when you are writing your posts, you are under the "edit HTML" tab, not the "compose" tab. The codes show up only show up on the "edit HTML" page, so I think that might do it. If not, I'm clueless!

  4. Let's get "A LITTLE MOMMY TALK" started


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