Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Blessings


I look at this picture and am filled with love for my kids and my husband. We are blessed beyond measure.
On this day especially, I am humbled by the sacrifice the Lord made for each and every one of us.
My mom sent me a card today that had the following written on it:

Jesus came into this world before we were living in it.
He gave His life before we had ever committed a sin....

If He did that much for us before we were born,
think of all He desires to bless us with now that
we are here!

May your Easter be a time of fully enjoying His gift, His blessings, and His love for you.

(Thanks for the card Mom. I hope you don't mind that I shared it with my blogging buddies.)

1 comment:

  1. What an adorable family! I love to see pictures of your children, but it's fun to see photos of us mommies too...I'll have to get Jennifer to share some photos of herself now!

    Happy Resurrection day!


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