Friday, March 16, 2007

Take a little off the top please

Sam got a haircut today. He's had so many that I've lost count. What made this one worth blogging about was the super nice lady at Great Clips who cut his hair. Janet was kind, upbeat, and let Sam help her. She didn't rush through or mind that I was snapping pictures. She even put gel in Sam's hair for him. He didn't call it something cute, like "gello"; instead when I asked him what was in his hair he replied, "poop". Kids say the darnedest things!

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  1. FUN! Those are great pictures! I can't wait till Avery gets her first haircut. She's 4 1/2, and still only shoulder length hair! Every curl is precious...

  2. Yeah, I think Sam looks better in a short, spiky (kind of funky!!) hair-do with "poop" in it than Avery would:)


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