Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Changing the way we change.......diapers

I'd never considered cloth diapers before, but after seeing how easy it is for my friend, Jennifer, I am willing to give it a try. Sam currently wears a size 5 or a 6 and Julia wears 4 and 5's. It works out nicely for me that in the cloth diapers they'll be wearing the same size liner. To all my wonderful and much appreciated babysitters who read this - don't worry, we'll still have a stash of disposables for your convenience. I placed an order online with a company called and am anxious for my package to arrive in the next week or so. When I added up how much we spend on diapers in a month I realized that the cloth diapers would be paid for in as little as three months. My diapering days are LONG from over so I think this will be a good investment. It also feels good to help the environment and the bottoms of my babies will benefit from not sitting in the chlorine in disposables 24/7.
Time will tell whether this will be an easy change for us to make.


  1. Diapers are SO expensive, especially for you with 2 little ones! I hope the cloth diapers work well for you. We've never tried them, but kudos to you! I look forward to a post about how they are working for you...

  2. My guess is, you'll love them once you're in the swing of things! I for one just love taking the clean, fresh-smelling diapers out of the wash and folding the cute, cute prints. Great for you (and for your kids' tushies and for the environment and for your pocketbook) for giving it a go. You know, ThanksMama is where I got some of mine, too. Be prepared for your kids to bump up a clothing size in pants when their new diapers arrive...a cloth-diapered bottom is a big bottom! Happy diapering!


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