Friday, February 9, 2007


Today Julia had her first taste of brown rice cereal. I was hesitant to start down this road because I remember all the work involved in making baby food for Sam, but the time has come. She's waking up 2-3 times a night so we thought maybe she is getting hungry. My friend Wendy affectionately calls her daughter her "little science experiment." I completely agree! We're always trying something new to see what the outcome will be. Just when we think we have something figured out a variable changes and we have try a new approach. I'm to the point where I'm so tired I'm not willing to try one new thing a night. Tonight we're putting her in a bigger/better diaper, giving her a bottle right before we go to bed, and she had rice cereal this afternoon. Let's hope at least one of these things helps!

I'm ready for my first solids Mommy!

The very first bite.

Daddy did the honors. You can see the love in her eyes for her daddy.

I love how she crosses her eyes to watch the spoon.

I don't know that she's completely convinced that this is fun.

Check out those rubberband wrists!

Big Brother Sam showing Julia how to open her mouth wide for another bite.

Sam's reaction when I offered him a bite.

She's already trying to feed herself.

That was fun! When can we do it again?


  1. She's just getting soooooo much more cute every day, Carrie! So, did the night hold any sleeping improvements after the food and new diaper?? Where did you buy brown rice cereal? Lakewinds? Hmmm, I should have thought to look for that when I was on my Fenugreek hunt there. Looking forward to hearing if she slept any better!

  2. "fe ncv.,=.,=;;;jkop0mlo.ib"

    --Cullen (Yes, he really typed this for Julia!)

  3. I guess the night went ok. She went down at her normal time (8pm)and woke at midnight(I'd only been in bed for two hours so it was rough getting up). Then 2 hours later she was up again. I gave her a bottle while she stayed in her crib. I figured if she was that hungry she'd take the cold bottle - and she did. All 3 1/2 ounces over the next half hour. Brian sat with her so she wouldn't get any ideas by me being in the room. She slept from 3-8:30 after that. She didn't leak through her diaper so I think I'll get more Pampers. I only had a few extra from when Sam outgrew size 4.
    Yes, they have brown rice cereal at Lakewinds. I have a recipe for making your own cereal if you are interested.
    Thank you for the beautiful Valentine's Day photo of the boys. Sam has been asking if Kieran can come over to play. He misses his friend. Who can blame him? The McKinneys are great!

  4. Recipe for making my own baby cereal: yes, please!!

    Kieran carried Sam's Valentine photo around yesterday and part of today. He sat with it while eating applesauce and declared, "Sam likes applesauce" and "fed" a spoonful into Sam's mouth on the photo!

    Bummer that Julia's night wasn't terribly much more of these days, huh? Hang in there...

  5. Kieran is so smart! Sam LOVES applesauce. (He calls it applesauzy)

    Julia had a better night last night. 3 hours between feedings. Yeah!!!


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