Sunday, February 4, 2007

This little piggy

I saw this done once in a flier for a pricey photo studio and thought I'd give it a try at home. It's amazing what a black t-shirt and a little natural light can do for you. Sometimes in my photography I spend so much time zooming in to get the details I lose perspective, but by adding our wedding bands I was able to capture how little Julia's piggies really are. If she weren't wrapped up like a baby burrito in her swaddle wrap while I write this I'd be smooching those tooties right now. It'll have to wait until she wakes up tomorrow morning.....
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  1. Yeah! Another post! You know, it had been like 20 minutes, so I was getting worried! Okay, I need to not be obsessed with your blog, but I already am! You're great at it, and you're new and fresh so I keep checking to see what you're up to. This "slider" slideshow is GREAT! Did you crop the photos even further? It looks like it. Fabulous! You know, I am totally "stealing" the idea that you "stole" from Flash. I can't wait to get Cullen's little piggies in our rings before his toes get too big! (Okay, we have a ways to go before that!)

  2. What a great blog, and such BEAUTIFUL photographs... and kids, of course:)


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