Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Going on an Alphabet Hike

It's no surprise that I love using the alphabet as a theme. It's been three years and I'm still coming up with new words for my Alphabitty Moments project. 

This winter I tied the alphabet into a hike with the kids. Julia helped me find letters along the way and when we got home and still didn't have an 'i' I made one using marshmallows (I am working on spelling out the name of our park in 'campground' items so this 'i' will get used again for that project later on).
It was a fun way to get some exercise and see our backyard in a new light. It's been almost four years since we moved here so activities like this help mix things up and get the kids excited to be outside. 

Have you done anything to encourage you kids to get outside even when there isn't snow to play in? Do share! 

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