Wednesday, June 9, 2010

taking the good with the bad

Summer vacation is not always sunshine and pretty flower beds. Sometimes it stinks. Sometimes instead of being able to lay low with my kids I have to leave the house to get some work done. Yesterday was one of those days. I opened the park gate, did my yoga, ate two pieces of toast and then I was out of here. We have the cutest little coffee shop/gift shop in town that every once in a while I spend the day at. It was cold and rainy which beats having to sit inside on a nice day when I'd much rather be at the beach with my kids. Instead I worked my behind off to get some blog book work done. Two hundred pages thankyouverymuch. It was a daunting task to say the least but it had to get I can get paid. Getting paid is nice. It comes in handy every once in a while and since book projects can take months to complete there are sometimes long gaps between invoices.

After work I met up with my SIL, my MIL, and a cousin to tackle some wedding necessities. Oh what fun we had! It was a bright spot in what was otherwise a down day for me. I rolled back into town after nine pm and then realized I still needed to go grocery shopping. THAT wasn't fun at all. Kinda glad I'd forgotten about it as we talk about childhood trips to grandparent's houses over dinner. I didn't feel the need to rush and if I'd remembered what I still had to do when I got back it wouldn't have been as relaxing. The grocery store isn't that busy at 10pm but I was still in the store for an hour. We REALLY needed food and so I stocked up on two weeks of groceries before heading home to finish up park duties for the night and then collapse into bed at 11.

I hardly saw the kids all day and I never like days like that. Today wasn't all that much better but I'll save that for tomorrow's how I spent my summer vacation post.

Have a great night everyone! Don't forget that Alphabitty Moments is tomorrow - the letter D. I have a perfect word but need to get a picture to go with it still....

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