Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain drops keep falling

but we don't mind. Umbrellas are a big hit at our house. Julia used her check mark rewards to get her very own from the Target dollar aisle. She woke up from a late cat nap too grumpy to truly enjoy it and had ditched it by the time we got down to our willows in the backyard. Sam was all smiles though and especially liked the turtle we found laying eggs.

Speaking of eggs, Julia found a robin's egg on our walk.
The sun popped out after a cool rainy day and it got too muggy for our liking so we spent the rest of the evening in the house. Sam beat me at checkers and then I beat him. I love watching him contemplate his next move.

The highlight of the night was the 20 minute tickle fight that broke out after the checker's game. I remember tickle fights as a kid and Sam LOVES them too. It wasn't fun to have to work after the kids were in bed but I sure enjoyed our day together so it was worth the late night on my computer.

This post is a part of a Summer series called "how I spent my summer vacation" Search that label at the bottom of my blog for more info on why I'm motivated to write these posts.


  1. Awesome pics!! I love tickle fights too =-) And how cool to see a turtle laying eggs...that doesn't happen every day!

  2. This is great! By the way, you have inspired me to blog about our summer vacay as well... just documenting the simple joys of summertime!


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