Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Me Monday - 32nd Edition

I don't remember the last time I wrote a Not Me Monday post on Monday. The beginning of the work week is much too busy for me to take the time to recap the shortcuts and the embarrassing moments from the previous week so Sunday nights I get my post ready for the morning. I went ahead and posted this on Sunday just in case. You'll understand why in a moment.

The emerging theme of this week's list of foibles is forgetfulness. I do not blame this on lack of sleep Nope. Not me! I own up to my mistakes and that's exactly what this little therapy session is for, so here goes:

I did not take my kids to the Arboretum against their will on Monday night. Not me! Drive two young children 30 miles so I can photograph them in front of the blossoming trees when the light was at its best? Never. I would never ever leave the house at bedtime only to return 2 hours later. Nope. Didn't happen.

These pictures are a figment of your imagination.

We did not miss the library's dinosaur program because we were out having fun forcing smiles on the kids. It didn't take me five days to realize we'd missed a program that both kids would have loved. Nope. Not me!

I did not take this picture driving home from the Arboretum. Nope. It too, is a figment of your imagination.

I would never bother to hold up my camera (with my eyes still on the road of course) and press the shudder just to see what I'd get. That would be silly.

That's enough for one day don't ya think? So let's move on to Thursday. Good ol' Thursday. A day the weatherman said was suppose to be beautiful. A perfect day to go to the zoo. A perfect way to spend the morning as a family. So we packed a lunch, spare clothes for Julia, and away we went.....



It was Thursday after all and school started in five minutes. Duh.

Three hours later we braved the zoo when the kids are usually napping/resting. It turned out to be the BEST trip to the zoo ever.

The memorable moments did not include hearing "She ate the goat food!" from some kid on a field trip who was pointing and laughing at, you guessed it....Julia.

We didn't spend a fourth of our time at the zoo at one exhibit. Nope. Not us! We're better time managers than that. There are not 150 more bear pictures where these came from. Nope. Not on my computer!

We decided to stay closer to home the rest of the week... Gee, I wonder why!

I'm not about to break the unwritten blogging rule that says ignore negative comments. Nope. Not me! I would never read the comments under this post and get a little miffed by the one about Julia's size. Sure she's only 2 pounds lighter than her brother and at two, wears the same size as her four year old brother...but was that really necessary?

A day later I was looking at my blog when I happened to scroll past that same post. There were not tears rolling down my face once I realized how unbelievably disproportionate she looks in the pictures. Nope. I don't find humor in the fact that my two year old (wearing a fleece over a hooded sweatshirt) looked MUCH bigger than she really is.

And my final Not Me Moment of the week....

We went puddle jumping on Friday night. What could go wrong?

Certainly not a face full of muddy water on the last splash of the day!

No! Not! Me! I would never break in my new puddle boots by splashing my children.

Now it's your turn. What didn't you do this week? I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Ha! Poor Sister Bear! That sweater IS a little bulky, isn't it?

    She's just gorgeous and perfect, and has absolutely WONDERFUL hair! I wish mine looked like hers!

  2. That bear picture looks like there's no fence or barrier!! You should send it to the zoo maybe they would use it for promotion, or do you already do that for them?

    I also LOVE the picture of your daughter in with the pink flowers and sweater. Its so pretty!

  3. Oh my, what beautiful pictures of your children. I too post my Not Me Mondays early, but I've got something great and easy for you to try out tomorrow... jump over to tomorrow morning to play along with the Toot Your Horn Tuesday posts. It's a great follow-up to this Not Me Monday carnival. Just TRUTHFULLY list all the GREAT things you've done in the past week. Hope you can play!

  4. I literally laughed at loud when you tweeted about the zoo and forgetting about school. I have so been there/done that. Don't you just love how those snarky, negative comments are always annonymous? I think SB is adorable just like she is. Maybe it's BB who's too little for his age ;0)

  5. Arboretum pix--TOTALLY worth it! You really are a kindred spirit, aren't you! I make my patient hubby crazy with stuff like this! :) Your kids are gorgeous! I know I've said it before, but really, GORGEOUS!

  6. I love the pictures from the Arboretum! The light at that time of day is just fantastic! And GREAT shot out the window while you were driving!! Plus, puddle jumping!! Your kids must have LOVED that!!

  7. Seriously, friend, ignore that mean comment. SB is a perfect, beautiful child. That person would probably think Emma is obese too. That's the beauty of God's creation--we're all different, beautiful in our own ways. Love ya, sweets. (And was that the MN zoo? That bear exhibit looks awesome!)

  8. I would not drive halfway across the country to grab some photographs at the Arboretum, or maybe I would =)

  9. Don't worry about those negative comments (easier said than done sometimes) but it seems some have nothing more to do than to be negative about everyone else's lives.

  10. Your daughter just looks sooo cute and cuddly! Ignore those nasty comments. Her hair is FABULOUS!

  11. Sister Bear is absolutly adorable though! Those curls are just precious! Puddle jumping sounds like OH SO MUCH FUN!

  12. I love the photos from the Arboretum. They came out great. I would Not do the same thing.

    Try to ignore that negative commenter. Your daughter is beautiful.

  13. Ha! I've so done the zoo thing! Only, I didn't realize that it was a "school" day until the day was half over. Oops, we made it a field trip! Your daughter is beautiful...even in a big sweatshirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her smiles and her hair is awesome!

  14. I definitely do NOT find these figments of my imagination absolutely usual!

    Julia is beautiful, just as God made her.

  15. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous kids, great blog!

    Somebody apparently does NOT understand that children aren't mini adults. Proportions change as the child grows, and a two year old can't be compared to a four year old or to an adult.

    Sister bear isn't a Barbie doll, and if she was, you'd need to see a metabolic specialist. :)

  16. Oh I could leave 60 comments on thie post, starting with the cute boots Julia has! Garage sale finds?
    That comment was horrible. I had to do a double take when I first saw the wagon picture because I have seen SO many pictures (keep them comin'!) of your kids and she didn't look exactly right compared to Sam...but then I realized she was bundled to the hilt. I still love how she is hugging him and her smile in that picture. She is adorable and people have no right to be mean (especially when they don't even know what they are talking about!)
    Anyway, I love your pictures and your blog and you inspire me to be a nicer person :o)

  17. At first I thought the picture of the 2 bears was from a museum...and that they were stuffed. It's incredible! They were really putting on a show!

    Awesome Arboretum photos, too!


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