Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You are what you eat

and I haven't been eating healthy for a while now. With swimsuit season upon us the reality of the poor choices I've made are catching up to me. More importantly I am disappointed with myself for what I have let my kids eat. It is my job to teach them them to make good food choices and I've let them down. Nine days ago I stopped eating processed foods, dairy, sugar, and caffeine.
I had a bad headache for three straight days.

By the fourth morning I woke hungry, but without a pounding in my head. I'm happy to report that Sam has started to eat at least one carrot a day (the baby carrot kind) and the kids are eating a fraction of the processed foods they used to. The hardest part is keeping enough fresh fruits and veggies in the house.
That's a problem I can live with.

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