Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Birthday Bash

It's late and I am way too exhausted to reflect much on the past year as Julia's mom tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have a chance to edit this to include some of my thoughts and memories. For now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy! I know Julia did. :)

In case you're wondering - she did come clean after a good rinsing in the sink.

Sweet Dreams Birthday Girl!
Mommy & Daddy


  1. Ah, I feel like I was there! What a great party, super cake and photogenic birthday girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday Julia!! You are dimpled with cuteness. (and very nice pictures to you, Julia's Mama).

  3. She's adorable! What splendid photos of her first birthday! Did she have her own cake? Or did no one else eat any (besides Daddy, Mommy, and Grandma who got bites handed to them by the birthday girl)? I just love the pictures of your beautiful girl!

  4. She had a whole cake to herself. Nobody was going to want to eat a sugar-free, organic carrot cake even if it was covered in chocolate frosting so I took advantage of Bylerly's free cake for the first birthday offer for the rest of us to enjoy.


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